Full body printed customized T-Shirts / Jerseys for people who always have more to say! You can insert your
favourite personalized messages and images and create your own versions of stories you wish to tell the world. Ideal for casuals, special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries, promotions, awareness campaigns or simply for gifting your loved ones. Each order would take ten days to get processed.

What are the advantages
  • Vibrant and photo-realistic images & colours
  • As many colours as you want! No per-colour charge like with screen printing.
  • Durable and extended life-span.
  • Can be applied to garments and items that screen printing just can’t get onto.
  • Lighter than a screen print; won’t weigh the garment down.
  • Far superior to a screen print in terms of strength, will not crack.
  • Can be stretched and is perfect for stretchy materials like Lycra.
  • Vibrant Colours (super bright pigment technology)
  • Soft Finish & Super Light Weight (softer than a screen print)
  • Commercial Strength & Stretchable (works great on Lycra, swimwear and stretchy materials)
  • Full Colour High Quality Detail (perfect shadings and tonals)
  • Washable & Long Lasting (washes better than a screen print, will outlast garment!)
  • Versatile (can be applied to a wide range of items)


Collar T-Shirt

Available colours
This range is ideal for summer wear as it is made up of pure cotton.
These come in a wide variety of colors and shades as well as sizes. They are also available as printed and designer T-shirts.Collar t shirts available with collar and sleeve tipping.
Cotton viscose,Cotton,Cotton polyester 
                                                                       GSM 140 to 240

                                                            Click Collar T-Shirt New Patterns

Round Neck T-Shirt

Available colours
The round neck T-shirts are in demand for the wide range and provide
a comfortable fit. The range is available in many colors and varieties and can be plain as well as printed. These are manufactured from the finest of cotton and polyester that makes them maintenance free and durable.
Cotton viscose,Cotton,Cotton polyester 
                                                             GSM 120 to 240

                                                   Click Round Neck T-Shirt Patterns

Sports T Shirts | Jersey

These are T-shirts for sports. These T-shirts are made of cotton and polyester. They are designed with different patterns and style such as printing with logos, shortsleeves or sleeveless. Various designs can be made as required.
The T-shirt is a comfortable dress. Suitable for all kinds of sport like jogging, running and water sports.

Cotton viscose,Honey-comb,Cotton,Cotton polyester,PP,OCP 
GSM 140 to 200

Click Sports T-Shirt | Jersey Patterns

Sweatshirt and hoodies

We have two types of sweatshirts,Zipper sweatshirts and drawcord sweatshirt both available in with sleeves and without sleeveless.

French terry-Brushed / Non brushed
Cotton interlock,Cotton viscose
GSM 220-320

 Click Sweatshirt and hoodies Patterns


We can make Custom made jackets,Customer can chose patterns from our wide range of Jacket patterns.


You can get customized gifts with favorite photos and company logo also   

Photo Mug Capture those precious moments forever on our vivid range of coffee mugs and add your own text to make a memorable gift!

Sports Bottle Sports Bottle/ Metal Sipper for Adventure Gear Children Friendly 750ml.
Capacity 600 ml Made of Aluminum Comes with hook Strong & Sturdy Unbreakable Safe for Children Powder Coated Safe Drinking Water

Gift 3 D Crystals Transform your memory into a beautiful, laser engraved photo crystal gift...a laser engraved gift for yourself, a 3D laser engraved gift for your loved ones. Perhaps an engraved crystal memorial to a beginning, such as an engagement, a marriage, a new business venture; Laser photo crystals can contain text, a poem, or special date or message.

Desktop Accessories Add a touch of individuality to the home or office with one of our personalized desktop accessories. Ranging from clocks to bonded leather coasters, this unique assortment of personalized gifts will liven up the dullest of spaces. A suitable memento for your loved one or any professional associate. Spend some time looking through what we have to offer

Gift Sets Uniqueness is the mantra. Choose from our selection of premium personalised gift sets when you want to go that extra mile to gift something that stands out. Any name, logo or graphic can be laser engraved to create personalization to the core.
                                  CLICK HERE MORE GIFT SETS WITH PRICE

Clocks Unique range of clocks that you will not find in any shops or any else on the web. We specializing reproducing your photos on to a clock face to suitable most occasions. Keep your data with your loved ones constantly with our wide range of personalized clocks.A memorable everyday gift that works 24 x 7
                          CLICK HERE MORE GIFT CLOCKS WITH PRICE

Key Ring A practical gifting solution! Being cost-effective, these key ring can personalised using any name, logo or simply cute vectors. Ideally crafted for someone on the move

Name Plates Show us someone who does not love to see his name displayed well! Treasure this beautiful gift forever. Ornate the door of your residence, choose from any of the various name plates that matches your house's color and decor.

Gift Pens What an idea for personalised gifting! Get a name laser engraved on our elegant and hand-crafted range of wooden pens and create a gift that someone would never forget!! An ideal gift idea for friends and professionals associates.
                        CLICK HERE MORE GIFT PENS WITH PRICE

Gift Tiles Express yourself. This bouquet of keep sakes are based on advanced Ceramic tile printing technology. Use a liberal splash of color, imagination and love to make a show off gift!
                           CLICK HERE MORE GIFT TILES WITH PRICE

Wooden Plaques Have your photo or text permanently laser engraved on original steem-beech wood with high detail! You can even amaze your friends or professional associates with such laser engraved personalized photo gift that will last a lifetime. Available in different sizes, these wooden marvels contain galvanised metal attachments for hanging and standing support.

Mouse Pads Working at computers were never so interesting! These unique mouse pads are both quality and economical gifts. In addition, these mouse pads have a quick production time. The mouse pads can be imprinted with your company logo or promotional message. Have fun with kids, friends or at work.

Contact: support@n9tee.com or n9tshirt@yahoo.com  PH 90-72-00-50-57



Embroidery gives your T-shirt an extremely expert stitched look. We take your logo and digitize them in-house. At that point we machine sew the logo on your t shirt for an incredible corporate look. Embroidery functions admirably on collared t shirts, sweat shirts, caps, and then even shirts.
Embroidery is perfect for better quality clothing and obviously, a weaved thing has more seen worth than a printed fabric. This ought to be borne at the top of the priority list on the off chance that you are particularly looking to make a superior impression.

We have created many embroidered things furthermore provide for schools, clubs and affiliations who frequently need badges and logo things.T-Shirt minimum order of 20 Pieces.

Want to get the quote for Embroidery ? Just mail us the logo and the number of T-shirts,We will respond with the quote.


Why us
We believe in the uniqueness of each of our Customers. We provide the opportunity for our Customers to express themselves in their own unique and creative way. We believe in making the whole creation and customization process an enjoyable, affordable and ultimately fulfilling experience for our Customers.

Sports clubs that need their kit decorated with numbers and names are sure to appreciate our low prices and high quality finish. Commercial organisations that would like to produce their own promotional garments can rely on us to ensure that they do not regret their decision.We can print College day and other college events T shirts,Hoodies for college guys with print. We are happy to work with images and drawings sent in by our clients or we can provide a full graphic design service to firms that would like us to handle everything from start to finish.

If you would like to get a better idea of exactly what we can do for your company, please have a look at the contact section of our site and get in touch for further details if needed.