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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Here is the Platform showing the Questions and its Answers which our customers are asking frequently.

What are the accepted payment methods?

Cash, Cheque or Any online banking transfer method we will Accepts

How does your pricing work?

Pricing Depends on Quality quantity and design of the T-shirt. If Its bulk Quantity Price always in lower side. 

How do I find the right size?

You can find our size details in our Websites. Better You Can Give size in Inches like 40, 42, 44 46 Like that. Or You Can Visit our Store to wear all our T-shirt for your perfect Fitting.

How quickly can I receive my order?

Delivery Depends upon the Quantity and Season When you Order it. Normally 5- 15 Days for normal delivery Time.

Why are you not replying to my emails?

When you send a Mail, Our Automatic Mail reply will get from us.

What factors affect your pricing?

Quality quantity and design of the T-shirt.

Tips for making my shirts less expensive.

Use Medium Quality Fabric. High Quantity leads to lesser price

Print Make it Single colour. If Print area Reduces Price Reduces.

How do I get a quote?

Send All Details like apparel Design, print matter, Quality and Quantity. If you send all these Details then you will get Exact Quote, Or you can contact us on our whatsapp number and send models and designs.

What types of printing does N9T-SHIRTS offer?

PVC , Non PVC, Plastisole, High-density, Emboss Print Folk Print.

What is the “maximum print area” for my design?

In Sublimation Whole T-shirt We can print. In cotton A3 is maximum size of print for small Quantities. If quantity is huge then we can print anything what customer is demanding.

How do I make the print colour match the colour of the names/numbers on my apparel?

Before printing we will match the ink colour and fabric colour. Same colour or contrast colours we can print as per client’s requirements.

Can I print on the sleeves of my shirt?

Absolutely you can print your logo on your sleeves. Only disadvantage is print area is small that’s whys, while printing Long names its shows as small in size.

Ready-made T-shirts or Jerseys are available ?

No, we are manufacturing customized jerseys and t-shirts only so we have no ready-made. We are manufacturing apparels as customers’ requirements.

Is that possible to print on caps?

Yes you can print on caps .if you have high quantity then you can print multi-colour print and embroidery imprint on caps. If quantity less then only Single colour print possible on Ready-made caps .

Sports or riding jackets can print here?

Sure you can print jackets. For riding jackets we have minimum order quantity. Sport track jackets we can manufactures in small quantities also.

What are the payment terms ?

To Start work 50 to 60% payment in Advance. Balance amount While Deliver time.