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Printing types-High Density Print

Printing Types

Once a design order placed, it is executed in accordance with our strict quality standards. There is no minimum order quantity; we are pleased to process your order, even if it is just one unit*.


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High Density Print On T-shirts

High Density printing is an unusual printing effect that print rises up to 1/7 inch above the fabric’s surface, it’s very hard rubbery feel with clear cut edges and slight glossy feel also. High density print allows you to achieve a three-dimensional effect with sharp and crisp outlines. High Density print cannot be used for graphic picture and logos. High-density print is effective for highlighting solid or bold graphic areas, such as single colour text or logos.

  • Use only 100% cotton garments or cotton/poly blends.
  • Multiple times Plastisol ink is printed the surface of fabric.
  • glossy smooth print with very sharp edges.
  • The process is very slow but the end product is unique.
  • Printing Process is very difficult and time consuming.


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