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Printing types-Rubber Print

Printing Types

Once a design order placed, it is executed in accordance with our strict quality standards. There is no minimum order quantity; we are pleased to process your order, even if it is just one unit*.


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Rubber print plastisol screen print


Plastisol ink made with PVC elements in a liquid plasticizer. When we heat the fusser with the fabric, it allows to flows as a liquid inside the fabric yarn. Plastisol inks are not water-base ink. Plastisol inks will not dry. Plastisol inks are recommended for printing on colour fabric. Heat temperature level around 180 degrees.

Plastisol or rubber is most commonly used for cotton T-shirt. Mostly plastisole ink using in screen printing .plastisole print last for many years without any cracks. Plastisol inks used for screen-printing on to fabrics or readymade garments. Plastisole are the most commonly used inks for printing solid graphics designs on dark fabrics with the slight emboss effect.


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