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Printing types-Sublimation

Printing Types

Once a design order placed, it is executed in accordance with our strict quality standards. There is no minimum order quantity; we are pleased to process your order, even if it is just one unit*.


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Sublimation T-shirt Printing

Have two types of sublimation have
  1. White fabric sublimation
  2. Dark fabric sublimation (Sticker printing)

Sublimation is a heat transferring process it helps to print on the fabric, same as design that provided by client. Fabric Sublimation required special ink, heat transfer paper and special fabric in polyester. When fuser heated to required tem

peratures, the sublimation ink turns into a gas. Holes or knit pattern of the polyester coated fabric open up and allow the gas to pass in to yarns of fabric. Then, once heat process over, the holes of the polyester fabric is filled with the sublimated ink. The entire design will be on the fabric we can touch sublimation print wont peel off its last for ever.


Available Its advanced option FULL-SUBLIMATION


Sublimation Print On White T-shirts


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